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What is the AK Chest Rig?

AK Chest RigThe AK Chest Rig is a complete all-in-one-piece package that gives you everything you need for mounting your rifle on the ground. You are able to quickly and easily convert your AR-15 or another similar style rifle into a semi-automatic, which makes it a great option for those looking to customize their weapons.

This is a fully adjustable chest rig that can be used with any type of rifle, including a gas, non- gas, and mini-revolver. You can also use it with pistols, shotguns, and revolvers. This chest rig is made from a strong thermoplastic material that is extremely tough and will not bend or warp.

Many people prefer to mount their rifles on the chest of their coats, for a classic and tactical look. However, some people prefer to use it on their hips, just out of their view. This is another popular place for rifles to be mounted, as it helps provide a little more protection for their weapons.

The Best AK Chest Rigs comes with one hand snap, a three-position changeable claw mount, three interchangeable cheek pads, an adjustable mesh lanyard, and a nylon canteen. The adjustable cinch strap allows you to go from wearing it on your shoulder, to wearing it over your head.

This chest rig is made with a metal mesh design that will allow the heat from your weapon to be distributed evenly. With a mesh body, you are able to keep your skin dry and cool. It will also prevent your arms from getting burned or sunburnt, which is very important if you have to stay in the sun for long periods of time.

The amount of heat that you can get from an AK rifle can cause your skin to burn very easily. The AK Chest Rig helps distribute the heat away from your arms and body, which allow your arms to stay cool and free from burns. It will help improve your accuracy and reduce wind drag, which helps increase your ability to hit targets.

One of the greatest advantages of using this chest rig is that you can customize your rifle to suit your personal needs. By using the three different adjustment positions, you can adjust it to fit your rifle exactly, allowing you to get the most out of your weapon.

[TOP] 5 Best AK Chest Rigs – AK47 / AK 47, AK 74 Reviews

When you want to adjust your angle of elevation, you can do so by increasing the tension in the cinch strap. You can even choose to adjust the angle of the “A” notch by tightening the tension in the “A” notch strap.

In addition to the three different adjustment positions, you can adjust the amount of tension in the cinch strap by adjusting the Velcro closure. This helps you change the cinch strap to match the type of archery you are using.

The elastic recoil cord allows you to remove the holster easily, without taking the rig off your body. Even after removing the chest rig, you will still be able to control the speed at which your weapon moves when the speed adjustment slider is adjusted.

With the adjustable cocking handle, you can now conveniently cock your AK, when you don’t want to take your hands off of your weapon. The anti-slip rubber grips help give your rifle a smooth and comfortable feel, while you can stand or sit with them on your body.

If you are someone who want to be able to change your AK into a new rifle every once in a while, but you are not willing to spend a lot of money on a new one, the AK Chest Rig is the perfect option for you. By making the investment in a chest rig for your rifle, you will be able to easily change your rifles appearance and feel anytime you want to.

Your AK may be the baddest rifle around. It’s not only an excellent rifle, it looks like it means business, which means that many people know that you do, too. The AK is the high end of low tech, which is very cool

But there’s just one problem. You can’t carry those 30 round mags in your pockets. They’re just too heavy!

So, of program, you need an upper body rig. And not only any chest rig, you need one which works for an AK. There are a number of in the marketplace, but not all of them work very well.

Best AK Chest Rigs

Is definitely that what they use in every the movies?
Well, no. In the films, they use tactical vests, and we’ll actually critique one. But those vests are simply just upper body rigs without the pouches.

Through the entire Cold Battle, the communist Chinese utilized infantry rifles created by the Russians, from the Mosin Nagant to the SKS to the AK that people understand, today. And, in the initial years, they created bandoleers for the stripper clips for the bolt-actions Mosin and the semi-car SKS, neither which had removable periodicals at that time.

Therefore, in the mid-1950s, the Chinese created the upper body rig because of their AK-47s. They had taken their bandoleers for stripper clips and redesigned them to add magazine pouches and various other pockets for hands grenades, gun essential oil, battle trophies or whatever. Therefore, the AK-47 chest rig was created.

Completing the Rounds of the Roundup
So, which wins? They are all very good quality chest rigs, but one of these provides what the various other four don’t.

For sheer flexibility, the very best of the bunch may be the Condor MCR7 MOLLE Tactical Ronin Upper body Rig. When you may need to buy ammo pouches and various other attachments, you may use this tactical vest for anything.

If you’re not really out shooting, you can configure it for outdoor festivals or, actually, any situation that will require a whole lot of storage on your own person. And you will even utilize it to ensure your Costume doesn’t break apart!

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