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July 24th, 2017
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Panasonic Telephone Systems

Panasonic Telephone Systems

When you’re just starting up in business or are already trading, it’s easy to underestimate the type of business telephone system that you should be looking at getting installed, with the advanced hybrid features that Panasonic telephone systems offer, it is the brand of telephone system you should definitely get a quote on.

In the beginning, most companies start out with just enough employees to see them through the initial phases of getting the business up and running. They tend to gear their needs – in terms of equipment – to the number of staff they have. While this sort of thinking is sensible for most of the supplies and equipment that they’re going to need, it can be limiting when it comes to a telephone system. All of our Panasonic telephone systems are tailored for your immediate and future business telephone system needs.

Panasonic Telephone Systems: Business Benefits

The Panasonic telephone systems will allow you to use your telephones to communicate with other members of staff – a standard requirement if your business is spread over more than one office, or if you have more than one person who requires access to a telephone. If you find you need to add another extension, then you can be sure that if you’ve purchased your Panasonic telephone systems from us you’ll be able to add in other extensions as and when you need them.

Of course, the use of a Panasonic business telephone system will allow you to take advantage of the growth in areas of technology that some of the smaller systems may not be able to cope with i.e. if you make a lot of expensive overseas telephone calls in the day-to-day running of your business, then you’re going to be interested in finding a way of cutting back on this expense, without reducing the number of calls being made; that’s where using a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) setup is going to be ideal for you.

The majority of our Panasonic telephone systems are supplied with VoIP enabled. VoIP takes advantage of the much lower costs that you’ll be paying for your internet usage, by sending the Panasonic analogue telephone signal out over the internet to the person that you’re calling. As the technology improves, so does the quality of the calls, making this an attractive feature to have as part of your business telephone systems.

If you’re just starting your new business or are looking to upgrade to a more sophisticated Panasonic telephone systems, stop and give it some consideration. What do you have in your business plan about the projected turnover of your company? Will you have to increase the number of staff that you have, to cope with that projection? If you will, is the telephone system that you’re looking at going to allow for it; or will you have to change again further down the line? Our Panasonic telephone systems will be sure to cope with your future demands.

Call Center
This PBX can establish Incoming Call Distribution
Groups (ICD Group) by which a large volume of
calls from the external customers could be received.
One extension can act as the supervisor, and
monitor other group members.
VoiceMail Integration
You can forward your calls to a voice
processing system and let calling parties leave
messages in your mailbox when you are unable
to receive calls.
Wireless Telephone System
This PBX optionally supports a Portable Station
(PS) system. PSs can be used on the PBX

with other wired telephones.

PC Phone/PC Console
This PBX supports the PC Phone/PC Console
when your computer is connected to certain
Panasonic telephones via USB interface. The PC
Phone/PC Console provides advanced control and
monitoring of your PBX.
Easy Operation
If you are using a Panasonic telephone that is
equipped with a Navigator Key/Jog Dial and a
display, it helps you to access the desired
feature easily. Also, you will be informed of the
arrival of an incoming call or a message waiting
by the lamp if it is equipped.
Call Record
(Station Message Detail Recording)
This PBX can record or print out call
information: date, time, extension no., dialed

no., duration, etc.

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